2011 Donors


Lipton Level: 5000 and Above

 Dan and Joy Wilhelm



Colorado Level: 2500 - 5000

 Anonymous (in memory of Dorothy O'Ryan)



Hall Level: 1000 - 2500

 Boaters Choice, Inc. (Cox Family)

Elizabeth and Rick Schaffer

Jason and Bonnie Sutherland



Bryant Level: 250 - 1000

Town of Grand Lake

J. Scott Munn

Scott and Diane Quesinberry

Gordon Scheer

Gene R. Zachman and Diana Kelly



Peak Level: 100 - 250

Brooke and Jake Allen

Jackie and Richard Allen

Todd and Betty Batty

Sharon and Casey Funk

Jennifer and Tom Coulthurst

Muriel Anderson Heusinger

Pamela and Hillary Hoffer

M. William and Ann Meyer

Nancy Mitchell (handicapped sailing program)

John and Rosalie Nicoll

James and Jana Ruggieri

Mac M. Ruske

Gordon Scheer (handicapped sailing program)

H.A. and J.A. Schmitz

John and Patricia Stahl

Michael and Annika Sutherland

Eugene P and Charlotte Zachman

(in memory of Shirley Scheer and Dorothy O'Ryan)



Hoffstot Level: 1 - 100

 Melinda Crim Brown

Lee and Martha Carter

Marianne Coulthurst

Lynn Cox

John and Theresa Crowe

Elliot J. Chip Lynch

Canton and Ann O'Donnell

Charles and Cheryl Pistor

J.R. and Meredith Roberts

Chris and Laurie Ruske

Katherine Allen Strawbridge

Mary Ann Westerman

Gravely and Storey Wilson



Donor In Kind: (Non Cash)

Anonymous (Melges M17)

Matthew and Carla Shankle (Melges M17)