2014 Donors


Lipton Level: 5000 and Above

Elizabeth C. and Richard C. Schaffer, Jr.




Colorado Level: 2500 - 5000

Joy and Dan Wilhelm




Hall Level: 1000 - 2500

Jason and Bonnie Sutherland

Fred L. Bell Family Trust

Janice M. Bell Trustee and Family.

    For the Handicapped Sailing Program.

IB community Service Project by Bill O'Donnell



Bryant Level: 250 - 1000

Town of Grand Lake

Eugene P and Charlotte Zachman

Fully's Family Investments LLP



Peak Level: 100 - 250




Hoffstot Level: 1 - 100




Donor In Kind: (Non Cash)



Memorial Donations


Mr. and Mrs. Todd Batty in memory of Dr. John L. Batty

Alexa M. Claybon in memory of Matt Shankle 


In memory of Mac M. Ruske:

A. Karen and Edward P Grangetto, Jr.

Rebecca Richardson

Dana Alexander and Howard Fry

Jerome D. Sutherland Trust

Maureen K. Peper

Meegan C. Carey and Family

Ted L. Roorda

Barbara M. Leutwiler

John and Mary Jo O'Donnell

Thomas R. O'Donnell

Jean O'Donnell

M. Christine and Charles R. Beck

David and Hollie Lubchenco

Mary R. Osborn and Robert K. Dalton

John and Jennifer Coulthurst


Marianne W. Marvez

Donald B. Cambell

Gothard A. and Mary Lou Lane

Dr. Gregory K. and Barbara O. Ingalls

Eugene P. and Charlotte J. Zachman

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Batty

D. Lauston and S. Lausten

BBQ/Luau Regatta Weel Committee

James A. Hensarling and Lee H. Hensarling

Martin and Julie Harrington



 Mac M. Ruske Scholarship Fund:

Gordon Sheer

R. Holt

Jon-Erik and Brooke Borgen

Jey A. Young

Ross A. and Tamsyn H. Sweetman

Sweetman Family LLC


James Donald and Sylvia Hites 

Jonathan P. Linton